Friday, 19 September 2014

The People's Climate March: Two BIG reasons to be there!

Thousands of years ago, the world was blessed with so many sacred places arising from both religion and the earth itself. Instead of being treasured, the human race set out on a path, fed by greed.

Today we live in a world where nature; our life-support system, is being ripped apart, and sacred religious sites make us think more of war and bloodshed than harmony and divine light. 

September 2014: wars rage and the media is controlled by those who have lined their own bulging pockets, by raping the planet. Just look at what greed has done to the air that we breathe:

How many people do you know with respiratory problems? Surely we don't need to see the above exponential curve to know that all is not well on planet earth?

So! has mankind learned from these mistakes? Well it depends on how you define "mankind"! It is just a few people that are deciding to drill under your homes for shale gas, It is the few that have failed to support the growth of clean renewable energy. It is the few that control world media so that very few are aware of the world trade agreements that will drive more nails into earth's coffin, so that fat greedy pockets bulge more. Action groups and green politics are excluded from mainstream media by the few, so that the real facts do not reach the vast majority who DO CARE! The UK is under a massive threat from fracking and tens of thousands are rising against it, but when did you last see it covered fairly in the mainstream news?

But herein lies the light, AND TWO reasons to march this coming Sunday from 11am local time.

Those with political and financial power, who control the media ARE FEW. They ARE NOT MANKIND! Mankind is YOU! You have a family to protect, you have a voice that you can use, and by holding hands with others, YOU can create change.

Wars rise from the words and actions of few, and then the majority have to live in fear! 

ALL religions ARE peaceful, but dirty greed and dirty carbon creates wars and religious unrest via dirty media. The two reasons to march this Sunday are therefore:

1. To show ALL world leaders that you care for your families and the health of our world and it's life forms, and that you want carbon to STAY IN THE GROUND. Anyone who follows sustainability and green politics will easily demonstrate to you that with clean community renewable energy, healthy, organic community farming, and a Robin Hood tax on those that have caused so much devastation, local economies will flourish alongside nature. A green economy is a sustainable, healthy economy for the common good, not just for the billionaires club. 

At 12:58 on Sunday, there will be two minutes silence to remember the casualties of the carbon industry (victims of floods, storms, respiratory problems etc..).

2. To allow you to feel for yourself, what it is like when ALL people from ALL religions march together. World peace can be achieved if it is left to "people-power", rather than just those in seats of power.

What more can you wish for, than to take part in a march that will be written in history ; 21st September 2014, the day that MANKIND rose to save our beautiful world, create world peace and decide to place in power only those that will look after people AND planet!

P.S. "Trolls", paid for by dirty carbon will rise to put doubt in your mind. Do not sway - MARCH for your family and humanity. There is NO doubt! Please look at the following documents and follow your heart. 

"Mankind" is any pure person from any gender and any religion that walks (or marches) with a Lion AND a Dove in their heart, with like-minded people at their side. You don't need to wear a suit to be a super-hero - it lies in your heart.

You can find your nearest People's Climate March event here, via avaaz (which means VOICE! What will YOU say, when your grandchildren ask you:
"Where were YOU on the day of THE GREAT PEOPLE's CLIMATE MARCH?"?):

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