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Green World Walks 2016 - 2020

The Movement

PLEASE, take a look at this statistic by the World Wildlife Fund:

If somebody comes to your home and wrecks it, or destroys it's foundations so that it becomes unstable, what would you do?

The world - YOUR HOME is under attack because people are making decisions, without thinking about NATURE!

The earth's life systems are becoming fragile! We have now entered the 6th Mass Extinction Event in the earth's history - the first created by mankind.

Guess what? Carbon levels are at their highest in human history. Who's fault is that? Yeah, you guessed it! We have managed to mess up our vast atmosphere.

OK! So our life-systems are breaking down! So what has that got to do with us? Why should we rise and do anything? Because NATURE gives US LIFE!!!....clean water, healthy food, oxygen to breathe!!

PRETTY IMPORTANT? Would you not agree?

PLEASE, take a look at the World Wildlife Fund info graphic again:

Right!! You got it! So how do YOU, YES! YOU save the world!

Well we will make it a little easier! We will hook you up with the world charities, politicians, musicians and personalities that DO CARE about your world.

Then every year, starting August 2016, we will ALL walk together, simultaneously, across the earth, to spread a message of peace, unity and hope. 

Some of you are born heroes! You will be our Green World Guardians, carrying a symbol, as you walk across sections of your homeland! 1 mile?, 100 miles?, 1,000 miles? You decide, and let us know. As you pass through towns and cities, wildlife charities, politicians, and other influential people that care will hold local events. Here, Green World Guardians will rest and enjoy watching a mobilisation, that has never been seen before, gather momentum!

Some of you SIMPLY CARE about the world, because of your inherent connection with the earth, or maybe because you want a stable world, filled with unity, hope and SUSTAINABLE prosperity for future generations. You ARE ALSO HEROES. HEROES, because, by sharing the above facts, thunderclap and mission with friends, with family, at work, you will mobilise a peaceful "army" that will hold hands with others and drive the movement.


Let's keep this simple:

1. E-mail and ask to register for Green World Walks 2016-2020. Whether you are individual, an action group, wildlife charity or personality that cares, this thing can only work with all elements present. Everyone has a team-role, from simple support to converting the movement into real change for good. Please register today! It costs nothing, but means THE WORLD!

2. Let's make an early impact TOGETHER! Use your voice and social media to create the largest ENVIRONMENT thunderclap in the world! SUPPORT and SHARE this thunderclap. A social reach of 20 million get's it into the hall of fame, and anything beyond that will certainly provide a powerful launch for this movement. Simply click "Join this thunderclap" below to add YOUR social-media voice. It's safe and easy.

3. That's it! No really! That's it! If YOU have done 1. and 2. then you are on our mailing list, and you will already have used your voice and social-media to create a chain-reaction. We will update you again on or after September 14th 2015.

If YOU want to be a friend of this movement, then simply add a comment to this blog. If you are a wildlife charity, other organisation, musician, band, artist or person of influence, then please e-mail your logo, image and message of hope and unity to We have a website coming soon and all those who are driving this movement will feature strongly.

Now you can go off and enjoy the world of nature!...breathe it's oxygen, eat it's food, drink it's fresh water and massage your mind with it's stunning beauty, knowing that you are protecting it, as it protects YOU!


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

UK #Team4Nature Networks Prepare to Launch

Nature provides our air, food, water, health and well-being! So why are so few people connecting with their natural environment and protecting it ?

The media and established politics create major barriers,
preventing the UK population from appreciating
and protecting nature and green spaces
We have spent almost two years, studying why nature, despite it being key to our survival, has become so divorced from society and everyday life. We drink it, we eat it and we breathe it, but do we truly value and protect it, to the extent that it warrants?

In every community, nature quietly and beautifully provides our health.
We are always close to it, so what stops us all from fully appreciating and protecting it?
Our followers and supporters will be aware that we suspended work on our local nature networks, in order to create a "Mother-ship" to help raise awareness and protect green spaces. With over 90,000 followers, and a clout that places us inside the world top 50 influencers of green infrastructure on twitter, we now feel that we have achieved that aim (THANK YOU to all network followers, who took part in our tweet-storm and helped #GreenEconomy trend on Twitter last night!).

The experience and information that has been gained, whilst creating this national "guardian", has added steel to the design of our local networks.

Communities and nature; so near, yet so far!
With 60% of UK species in decline, how can we mobilise communities
quickly enough, so that they are all strongly connected to nature,
before it's too late to act?!
We have developed a mechanism which can provide the following benefits;

For Business:

1. An opportunity to reward businesses for taking an active role in protecting their local communities and green spaces.
2. Providing a structure that can actually increase sales for businesses, and stimulate the local economy.
3. Actively promoting businesses that provide information about nature, and resources for the protection of their local green spaces.
4. By facilitating the shift towards a sustainable low-carbon local economy, the future for business becomes more certain as resources are safeguarded.

For the Community:

1. Establishing local networks designed to increase participation within community groups that provide important services.
2. Strengthening communities by developing pride for the local environment, and promoting teamwork and interfaith relations. Children will live within communities that encourage and develop caring attitudes, increasing health and safety, and reducing anti-social behaviours, such as crime and vandalism.
3. Providing increased local job opportunities. By stimulating the local economy, and connecting to schools, colleges, universities and employers, our networks are designed to demonstrate that communities can benefit from embracing and protecting nature.
4. By stimulating local economies, communities will benefit from local prosperity that occurs as a direct result of valuing and protecting nature.
5. By protecting nature and green spaces, the future health and well-being of local communities is secured.
6. By facilitating the shift towards a sustainable low-carbon local economy, the future remains bright for communities.

For Local Councils:

1. Provision of human resources for maintenance and biodiversity work across Parks and Reserves, by supporting and creating local "friends" groups.
2. Creation of funds, held by community forums, that help to maintain and enhance infrastructure and biodiversity, within parks and reserves.
3. Providing increased participation in surveys that help biodiversity officers assess their performance and work towards 2020 biodiversity objectives.
4. A network that identifies members of the local community with the passion and desire to develop careers within council green space teams.
5. By stimulating the local economy, networks can deliver positive outcomes for a wide range of departments within councils.
6. Increased resources, generated by local networks can help councils execute management plans and biodiversity action plans. Key local species, requiring protection, will feature prominently within local networks to raise awareness.
7. Development of caring local communities will reduce antisocial behaviour.
8. Greater awareness of and participation in council green space events.
9. By facilitating the shift towards a sustainable low-carbon local economy, our networks can help councils reach targets set by central government.

For UK Wildlife Charities and Local Nature Groups

1. Raising awareness will increase membership, as will the mobilisation mechanism itself. Networks will incorporate direct links to all local and national charities and groups.
2. Providing increased participation in surveys that help wildlife charities monitor and protect nature.
3. Providing funds, held by community forums, for biodiversity work, creating and executing management plans, and activities, across local Parks and Reserves. This should help towards achieving 2020 biodiversity objectives.
4. Increasing the number of volunteers available to wildlife groups and charities.
5. Helping to raise awareness and protect species which are threatened in the local area.

Nature, business and community can flourish
together, for the good of all!
Once we had developed an effective and unique mechanism for our networks, we then had to look at the time frame for rolling them out across the UK.

Two simple but alarming facts, together with a video, influenced our decision-making:

A sobering statistic from the World Wildlife Fund
UK Hedgehog numbers have crashed. From, perhaps 35 million in the 1950's
it is thought that there are now around just 1 million

Finally, we took a look at what is happening to world climate. 97% of science agrees that we are having a profound and dangerous affect on our atmosphere, by releasing excessive levels of carbon into it. I am sure that you will soon agree, after listening to this speech by Jeffery Sachs, of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN), that the time to act is NOW!

So, it was agreed that we should roll our networks out simultaneously, with the goal of having robust, efficiently operating local "Team4Nature" networks in all areas of the UK by 2020.

For this to be achieved, we needed to place something extremely dynamic and powerful at the core of our networks. To this end, there was something, that over the past eighteen months, has stood out like a beacon of light!

Across the country, passionate individuals have given their hearts and time to come together and form "friends" groups and forums, helping to maintain and enhance Parks and Reserves. We have therefore customised our networks, so that they fit perfectly around these amazing bodies of people and help to create others around the nation's green spaces.

We are appealing for 650 friendly groups or forums, one in each UK parliamentary constituency, to become "guardians" for their communities and join us on a very special journey.

We are in the process of creating a UK network site, where you can access YOUR local community.

We are producing a video to demonstrate exactly how our networks will work, and also act as a tool to kick-start the mobilisation mechanism nationally.

If YOUR "friends" group or forum would like to become a "guardian" of the green spaces in YOUR constituency, please contact us at

We shall be sending our "Team4Nature Networks" video to every council and university in the UK, and also to those groups and individual bloggers and "patchers" (who watch and record wildlife within a specific local area), that have expressed an interest in our networks over the past eighteen months.

If YOU have read this article and would like to receive the video, when it is released, contact us via the above email and we will add you to our mailing list. There are special elements of our networks that will appeal to large local employers, farms, local sustainable forestry projects, low-carbon industries, organic producers and electric vehicle manufacturers. "Patchers" and wildlife bloggers will also be featured, as guardians of our open countryside. All interest groups are welcome.

Media organisations, that care for their readers, and want people and planet together in harmony, can receive advance material by joining our "Green media" database here

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to follow our work. We really do appreciate YOUR kind support.

Let's get "Moving Mountains" together!

You can help spread the word, by supporting our launch thunderclap:

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Green Economy: Why hide the good news?

In 2013, The Tories and Liberal Democrats, in coalition STOPPED providing voters with statistics for the UK " Green Economy ".

By reading the following article, we hope that you will appreciate the real power for good and provider of hope, that the green economy truly is.

Please join us on Twitter (Sunday 19/4/2015 7-9pm), using hashtag #GreenEconomy to help raise awareness and give voters the information they need to vote OUT the Tories and elect a government that cares for people and planet. A list of tweets that you can copy, is available here, if you wish to use them during the tweet storm. Remember; only tweets created by YOU, using the hashtag #GreenEconomy, will help to get this trending. Thank you so much, as always for your time, passion and support.


Sometimes it is better to invite those that you fear to the table. In a democracy, unfair treatment will be exposed and the very thing that you fear will then rise, with the support of the people.

Perhaps George Osborne should have remembered the 260,000 signatures on a petition, campaigning for the BBC and other media to invite the Green Party on live leader debates, before making his Autumn statement.

If the impact and potential of the UK green economy were not so great, then perhaps you could have forgiven George for completely omitting it from his speech.

The truth of the matter is that if YOU had been given the facts, then it would become clear that the time is right to back The Green Party. They already have the strongest policies, as evidenced by YOUR survey results so far!(1)

The truth is that the green economy, like all good things, cannot be kept down or hidden forever! This sector is surging forward, despite a government that has completely failed to become "the greenest government ever", and a Labour party that have been feeble in opposition, when it came to fracking, infrastructure bills, HS2, badger culls, renewable energy and the likes. It's no good having MPs and power if you fail to use them to force change for the common good, and it's certainly no good trying to convince voters on the run up to an election, that you will do that IN POWER.

The people are ready for a revolution that is based on peaceful yet powerful changes, not hatred or divisions. (The Green Party want a referendum and reform on Europe anyway!).

What we are about to share will be destroyed by UKIP. They don't support the views held by climate scientists and they want to destroy the UK with fracking, whilst the green economy provides safe alternatives.

The UK has a massive opportunity to, once again, become a world leader and restore pride to the nation. A richly diverse population, harnessing knowledge and innovation from around the world can lead a green economic revolution!

In October 2011, George Osborne said "We're not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business". This is the man that has access to all the facts and figures. George! You could have done both, if you hadn't feared your enemy. Now is the time for the green revolution!

Here are the amazing facts and articles which reveal the enormous potential of a healthy and clean green economy. Read the facts and decide whether this matches your vision for a brave new safe, prosperous and peaceful world for the people. These summaries and links to articles also catalogue the mindless politics that have held Britain back from being a world leader for five years.

5th July 2012 - Choice between "green or growth" is a false one, CBI chief says (2)

  • Green economy provided one-third of the 0.6% GDP growth in the fiscal year 2010-11
  • Green economy could do more if government untangles policy "mess"
  • UK's large and fast-growing green economy set to add 0.5% growth in GDP
  • With the right policies in place, green business will be a major pillar of our future growth
  • Green economy in 2011 worth £122bn a year, 8% of GDP, growing at 4.7%
  • Green economy could add £800m to NET exports - "That's a big prize"
  • UK could be a global frontrunner in the shift to low carbon...tapping into a global green market currently worth £3.3 trillion a year
  • Osborne's desire to slash wind power subsidies does not breed confidence - it scares markets and drives up the cost of capital
  • Green economy encompasses 50,000 firms across many different sectors, employing 940,000 people, two-thirds outside London and the South-east
  • UK green goods and services run a trade surplus of £5bn a year and are forging strong links with growing economies
  • Call for direct government intervention 
  • "The green economy is an absolute necessity and the economic opportunities FAR outweigh the costs"
  • Greenpeace say "Osborne is holding Britain back and his Treasury is preventing green growth from powering us into the 21st century"

August 2012 -  Green Economy: a UK success story (4)

Actually Mr. Osborne - saving the world is keeping the country IN business!

  • "Quietly and without fanfare, green business has become a UK success story, at home and abroad. We now export more green products and services to our competitors than we import from them, and we have become the green financing capital of the world."
  • "This success should be celebrated. WITH GREATER PUBLIC RECOGNITION and STRONGER CONFIDENCE green businesses can help secure a faster and more resilient economic recovery."

30th August 2012 - UK's Green Economy continues to grow through low-carbon investment (5)

  • The PRIVATE sector and low-carbon industries help green economy grow consistently since the financial crisis 2008
  • Low-carbon and environmental jobs almost twice as many as in UK automotive industry and close to that for financial sector
  • spending on green infrastructure projects that have started or planned for 2012-13 reached £23bn, including £14.5bn from PRIVATE investment, £7bn from private/public investment and £1.4bn from public investment.
  • Ernst & Young report suggests that the UK Government's lack of clarity over renewable policies continues to disrupt investor confidence and the battle within the coalition government between a pro-gas stance, and the more pro-renewables is undermining the rhetoric that the UK energy market is a great place to invest.
  • UK exported low carbon and environmental goods and services to 52 countries in 2010-2011, totalling £11.8bn
  • CBI states that in 2014/15 green business is expected to roughly HALF the UK's trade deficit.
  • High carbon infrastucture projects being propped up by greater proportions of public spending.

At this stage, any political party that cared for the UK people and their health and financial security, should have reacted to the above information. Also why would any party go against scientific opinion on climate change, when the benefits of taking action and the green economy can so clearly be seen?! The story continues to unfold....

6th November 2012 - Cameron set to defend coalition's position on green economic growth (6)

  • More than 20 Conservative MPs issue a letter to Downing Street regarding the green economy
  • Peter Aldous MP, who organised the letter to Cameron says: "It is vital the government works to encourage and incentivise investment from emerging markets in order to flourish and for our country to be a world leader in renewable energy".
  • MPs worried about the outpouring of anti-green sentiment and what they see as attacks on renewable energy from various sections of the coalition - chiefly George Osborne.
  • Although the green economy is worth more than £120bn, and the sector is supplying a third of recent economic growth, Cameron has been notably silent.
  • The strength of Cameron's defence - and whether it includes pledges on green energy - key to persuading companies holding back tens of billions in investment to put their money in the UK rather than overseas.
  • Research by The Guardian finds many companies holding off investment in UK, awaiting greater political backing.
  • Group of MPs alarmed by prime minister's refusal to provide strong backing for GREEN GROWTH, including renewable energy and new forms of low carbon technology. Many of their constituencies are in areas where the growth of green industries has provided the only hope of economic recovery.
  • Many other Tory MPs would have been vocal on the issue, but could not as they hold government positions, or are under fear of the Tory whips.
  • Serious questions regarding rightwing ideology - which says green technology is "costly" and a "burden" according to the chancellor.
  • policy uncertainty and mixed messages undermining the green economy success story.
  • Green economy one of few manufacturing areas that has provided a positive balance of payments - more exports than imports.
  • Green economy not mentioned at Tory party conference and David Cameron refused to make public pronouncements on green growth. The reason for this believed to be the reluctance of the RIGHT WING of the Tory party to acknowledge green issues and their belief that green issues represent a burden rather than an opportunity.
  • CBI: "If we make the right choices, the UK has the potential to earn a significant prize - grabbing our share of a growing global market and injecting around £20bn into the economy. Let's not waste this opportunity."

Is it not time to leave scare-mongering and hatred behind and work together to make Britain "GREAT" again? If you agree then join the green surge and support policies that look after people and planet.

While Osborne argues with "Gromit" and hides the "green blob", the people can rise to create healthy economic growth as a proud legacy for future generations. An added bonus? - the rewards from the green economy stay mainly within communities! Where are all those dirty profits from carbon and fossil-fuel going? Help put the economy in YOUR pocket!......

6th August 2013 - UK Green Economy celebrates as government figures show £6bn boost  (3)

  • Government data confirms green goods and services market grew nearly five per cent to £128bn in 2011/12
  • While the rest of the economy remained virtually flat, sales in the green markets grew by almost £6bn, while the sector racked up a trade surplus of £5.2bn
  • report indicates that the UK's green economy is enhancing its international competitiveness and boosting its export prospects
  • 2011/12 sales growth in carbon finance 6.8%, wind energy 7.5% and solar PV 6.6%
  • However low key nature of report release frustrates green campaigners, who argue that the impact of the figures on government planning will be diluted until the data is officially collected by the Office of National Statistics
  • Call for a more PROMINENT specific green economy metric
  • "green economy is one of the main sources of growth in the UK"
  • Green sector "has long graduated onto the main stage and it's time that this was recognised"
12th December 2013 - "Green Economy" jobs will spring up across all sectors (6)

  • Britain becoming more environmentally friendly expected to create nearly half a million NEW jobs by 2020 across all sectors
  • Green economy expected to roughly halve the UK's trade deficit in 2014/15, according to CBI
  • Global Action Plan (GAP) expect future careers to emerge across all sectors, as a result of growth in the green economy: Green Engineers, Water footprinting managers, virtual health support workers, retail energy specialists, living roof/wall gardeners, green call-centre advisers, smart travel co-ordinators, traceability managers, clean car mechanics, landfill miners.

24th February 2014 - Policies to green the economy must underpin UK recovery: new report by UCL's Green Economy Policy Commission (7)

  • UK urgently needs a green economic strategy to move towards low-carbon PROSPERITY
  • UK's climate instability and increasing resource constraints mean decisive action URGENTLY needed by the UK GOVERNMENT to green the economy
  • Policies for green sustainable growth will achieve a sounder economic recovery
  • "by taking action to green the economy, the UK can address existing weaknesses in innovation and infrastructure investment, positioning itself to be an INTERNATIONAL LEADER in eco-innovation, and building a resilient economy with the conditions for sustained and long-term growth."
  • "We hope that policymakers AND POLITICIANS will recognise the URGENT need to act and will show the policy leadership that the UK needs to commit to a greener economy"

19th March 2014 -Mark Kenber comments on UK Budget: Green economy is the unsung hero keeping Britain moving (8)

  • "we are left waiting yet again by this government for the hard facts that will accelerate the UK's transition to a low carbon, high growth economy"
  • "There is a very real opportunity for the UK to cement its position as a global leader in renewable energy"
  • "our renewable energy capacity is only at 4.2%, and we are dwarfed by our european neighbours and only just greater than Malta and Luxembourg"
  • "we must send a clear message to the world that the UK is open for business with a trained workforce and a government fully committed to a low carbon future"
  • "I want to see these three words (Made In Britain) on solar panels, smart grids, LED lighting, wind turbines and the next new low carbon breakthrough"
  • "current figures show that the UK green economy growing at 5% per annum. It is the UNSUNG HERO keeping Britain Moving"
So five years AFTER George Osborne pledged his Treasury "will no longer be the cuckoo in the Whitehall nest" on green issues......

3rd December 2014 - George Osborne's cold shoulder for the green economy. So much for the "greenest government" (9)

  • "Pure politics prevails and we are all the worse for it".
  • TOTAL SILENCE on the green economy.
  • Osborne throws more tax breaks to the "vital" North Sea oil and gas industry.
  • Fracking mentioned, with the promise that it's currently nonexistent revenues will flow into a fund for Northern England!
  • £2.3bn for flood defences represents nothing more than an end to earlier cuts.
  • Most incomprehensible aspect of Osborne's cold shoulder for the green economy is that it offers exactly what he is seeking for the UK economy: plentiful, good jobs in industries that enable the nation to compete internationally.
  • Global market for green goods and technologies is worth trillions of dollars a year, but with less than a 5% share of that market Britain is failing to take advantage.
  • Confidence is key to the green economy where big investments must be made up front but are prone to political meddling. Without confidence, fewer investments are made, and they will cost more to fund

YOU have the power to VOTE for a brave and prosperous new world and leave a healthy legacy for future generations. There has NEVER been a better time to VOTE GREEN and start the green revolution!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Information creates change and that is why it is often hidden!



(3) -source: Business Green







Friday, 19 September 2014

The People's Climate March: Two BIG reasons to be there!

Thousands of years ago, the world was blessed with so many sacred places arising from both religion and the earth itself. Instead of being treasured, the human race set out on a path, fed by greed.

Today we live in a world where nature; our life-support system, is being ripped apart, and sacred religious sites make us think more of war and bloodshed than harmony and divine light. 

September 2014: wars rage and the media is controlled by those who have lined their own bulging pockets, by raping the planet. Just look at what greed has done to the air that we breathe:

How many people do you know with respiratory problems? Surely we don't need to see the above exponential curve to know that all is not well on planet earth?

So! has mankind learned from these mistakes? Well it depends on how you define "mankind"! It is just a few people that are deciding to drill under your homes for shale gas, It is the few that have failed to support the growth of clean renewable energy. It is the few that control world media so that very few are aware of the world trade agreements that will drive more nails into earth's coffin, so that fat greedy pockets bulge more. Action groups and green politics are excluded from mainstream media by the few, so that the real facts do not reach the vast majority who DO CARE! The UK is under a massive threat from fracking and tens of thousands are rising against it, but when did you last see it covered fairly in the mainstream news?

But herein lies the light, AND TWO reasons to march this coming Sunday from 11am local time.

Those with political and financial power, who control the media ARE FEW. They ARE NOT MANKIND! Mankind is YOU! You have a family to protect, you have a voice that you can use, and by holding hands with others, YOU can create change.

Wars rise from the words and actions of few, and then the majority have to live in fear! 

ALL religions ARE peaceful, but dirty greed and dirty carbon creates wars and religious unrest via dirty media. The two reasons to march this Sunday are therefore:

1. To show ALL world leaders that you care for your families and the health of our world and it's life forms, and that you want carbon to STAY IN THE GROUND. Anyone who follows sustainability and green politics will easily demonstrate to you that with clean community renewable energy, healthy, organic community farming, and a Robin Hood tax on those that have caused so much devastation, local economies will flourish alongside nature. A green economy is a sustainable, healthy economy for the common good, not just for the billionaires club. 

At 12:58 on Sunday, there will be two minutes silence to remember the casualties of the carbon industry (victims of floods, storms, respiratory problems etc..).

2. To allow you to feel for yourself, what it is like when ALL people from ALL religions march together. World peace can be achieved if it is left to "people-power", rather than just those in seats of power.

What more can you wish for, than to take part in a march that will be written in history ; 21st September 2014, the day that MANKIND rose to save our beautiful world, create world peace and decide to place in power only those that will look after people AND planet!

P.S. "Trolls", paid for by dirty carbon will rise to put doubt in your mind. Do not sway - MARCH for your family and humanity. There is NO doubt! Please look at the following documents and follow your heart. 

"Mankind" is any pure person from any gender and any religion that walks (or marches) with a Lion AND a Dove in their heart, with like-minded people at their side. You don't need to wear a suit to be a super-hero - it lies in your heart.

You can find your nearest People's Climate March event here, via avaaz (which means VOICE! What will YOU say, when your grandchildren ask you:
"Where were YOU on the day of THE GREAT PEOPLE's CLIMATE MARCH?"?):

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

17th September 2014

Welcome to Green World 2015!

Please read our mission statement in the main menu. Other information and updates will follow soon.

If you would like to become a friend of Green World 2015, please contact us via e-mail at

Green World 2015 is a movement for positive change. Membership is free! All we need is your passion for "People and Planet"!!

If you share our vision then please tell your friends, family and work colleagues, follow @MMNNGreenWorld on Twitter, and raise awareness via social media, blogs, websites and other media.

Thank you for caring and sharing :-)