Our Mission: Project Aranyani

17th September 2014.

The European Environmental Foundation (EEF)(1), led by Dr. Jeremy Leggett, issued the "Environmental Laureates Declaration on Climate Change" on Monday, 15th September 2014(2), which was published in the International New York Times, ahead of the UN Climate Summit, in New York (23rd September 2014).

The appeal makes for sobering reading, given that it was made by 160 winners of the world's most prestigious environmental awards:

"Aware that the UN Climate Summit in Paris in December 2015 may be the last chance to agree a treaty capable of saving civilization"

The appeal calls for the world's philanthropic foundations to pull investments from fossil fuels and trigger a survival reflex in society, by transferring released funds to renewable energy investments.

Adversity often brings opportunity! Here is a chance for us all to work together as a "World Team" to bring about the changes in government and society that will safeguard future generations. There is indeed plenty of cause for hope. Can civilisation display strength, peace, purity and unity for the common good?

Mankind has managed, in a period of perhaps just 100 years to cripple our planet's life systems. Biodiversity has fallen dramatically, as we enter the 6th mass extinction.The vast majority of scientists conclude that climate change is a reality, and that unlike the past, this time it has been created by humans. Politicians have failed to act, hence the call from the EEF to foundations and philanthropists. A new approach is needed as there is not enough time for second chances.

A strong catalyst is needed to create the necessary change, and it comes in a pure form - Green Politics.

Green policies make sense and are designed for people and planet. They are not driven by short term political gain or profits. This is therefore "easy to sell", or at least it should be, if we had unbiased media! We need to recognise this obstacle! 

But there is a second catalyst - YOU!! There are millions upon millions of people in the world who DO care passionately about the planet. We need to harness that energy so that it can be used to create cultural & political change that protects and enhances the amazing biodiversity work and climate-action projects that are being carried out by volunteers and charities across the world. 

To succeed we need to go through stages in our development:

1. Awareness and strength in numbers
Social media provides a great opportunity to create a world-gathering of like-minded people that want to protect our planet for a bright, healthy future. It is much fairer than mainstream media, as anyone who has been fighting for green politics over the last 40 years will tell you!

In the UK "Team4Nature" (@MMNNActionUK)(3) has gained over 20,000 followers in 7 months because of a strong team ethic, which is placing it in the top 30 world influencers of Green Infrastructure on Twitter. 

Passion and teamwork DO add power to a good cause. Individually we can do little. Together we CAN create change. We have an ambitious aim but we need YOUR help! We have created @MMNNGreenWorld(4) on Twitter and our objective is to assemble 100,000 passionate followers to influence change. 

Please, if you support us, then use our bio or extracts from our mission statement to spread the word, asking others to join our world-gathering. By natural growth we can hope to attract 15,000 followers by the end of this year.  With your help, spreading the word, we can roll that out 10-fold! We ALL have the power to create change! 

2. Media involvement
Whilst all working together to create massive growth in a short period, sections of the media that are green and receptive will be invited on board. Indeed already "Green World 2015" has received offers to get our message out there! It is TOO EARLY! We need strength in numbers first. It is vital that the early phases of development overlap to ensure swift movement towards achievement of goals. We are creating a database of media organisations that want to provide a voice for us, at the right time, so that we can create a real impact from our first press release. A "carrot" for all of us who want change: we will only produce a press release when we have 100,000 followers on Twitter. So if we love earth and nature, and are passionate about change, then we must get through stage 1, together as quickly as possible. 

3. Green World 2015 partners
A remarkable rate of growth will be further enhanced by forging partnerships across the world. This will be the "glue" that secures and strengthens a world network. No doubt every country has a number of influential & respected Green Warrior organisations that share our vision. If stage 1 is turning heads, and stage 2 has established a bank of receptive green media, then partnerships will act as a catalyst, whilst also driving partner organisations towards their own green goals! The "green engine" for change will then spring to life! This is what we believe to be to the key moment: the winds of change!

4. Mobilisation
As any environmental economist or politician will tell you, you can have a million followers on social media but it still won't create cultural and political change! (But it certainly would speed up the process if you possess it!). The holy grail will be reached via a series of "lock-ons". Prior to a world event, all "Green World" partners will attach to that countries' main green political party. At the same time a coordinated press release will be sent via our bank of green media! The strength of this volley will send our message deep into the mainstream media! Who knows, if we have all worked as a team at stage 1, then we may have sections of the mainstream media at our sides early on! The power is in YOUR own hands. 

5. The World Event
With a world gathering of "Green Warriors" in place (Stage1), green & mainstream media in support (Stage 1/4) & "Green World" partners in place (Stage 3), we will all "lock on" to the world's wildlife and climate-action charities, by supporting their projects. We will "lock-on" to the worlds "renewable" energy industry, inviting respected organisations to the world event. We will "lock on" to the network of "transition towns" that possess the green-print for cultural change. Our original plan was to hold a world event to coincide and add strength to World Environment Day.

We firmly believe that if everyone who is passionate about the beauty of our planet, it's nature & the need for sustainable living, joins this movement, then it IS possible to achieve our objectives by 2020. 

The event will bring 3 opportunities:

First, an opportunity to create history by signing the world's largest petition, asking the governments of the world to focus policies on "people and planet", whilst supporting local economies via community farming and energy projects. 

Second, there will be an opportunity to create a green surge in politics across the world. All events will offer the opportunity to sign up to your nation's green political parties. In the space of one day the voice for Mother Nature will have been propelled forward!

Thirdly, there will be the opportunity to break the record for funds raised for biodiversity and climate-action projects! Membership of world charities will also receive a welcome boost of mammoth proportions!

Our mission is thus:

"To create the winds of change that safeguard our world & it's diverse communities for a bright future together, achieved by drawing on the pure force that exists inside all of our hearts. We will then celebrate our achievements with a massive world event in 2020. Together we shall witness the tipping point that safeguards the world for future generations"

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